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Former Polymer Research Scientist at Pall Corporation; Commercial Litigator on Multi-Million Dollars Lawsuits; Corporate Counsel; Author of Business Life Basics: 12 Principles

Ms. Phidd is an author and an attorney. She enjoys educating entrepreneurs and the workforce in general on the day to day application of the law to reduce litigation costs and regulatory fines.

Ms. Phidd is multifaceted with experience in entertainment/broadcasting. She was a co-broadcaster on WAVS 1170AM on Perspective, discussing life issues. More recently she had her own show on WWNN 1470AM where the topics were political and legal issues facing our society. She interviewed politicians and CEOs.

Her speaking events much like her radio show will Inform*Educate*Inspire!

Ms. Phidd is a business and professional speaker and a practicing attorney. If you need a business speaker or keynote speaker for an event, please go to the speaker tab at and make your request.

The Business Community and Its Owners are Very Important to Society and to Me